Avatar Fucking Game

This game concerning Avatar Aang and his friend Toph is fairly short and easy... yet it's very exciting as well! There'll be noany backgound narrative or conversation scenes whatsoever - right from the beginning you will observe equally Aang and Toph nude and ready to fuck! And now it is your decision what they'll do next - simply select one of those choices in the menu and also enjoy well done animations along with your favourite characters. Let Aang to catch and squeeze Toph's big round breasts or fuck her tight pussy, choose him to fuck her eventight butthole or allow themto receive their orgasms - it's so simplethat you will want just one hand to perform with it! And when you complete the game you can alwaystry it again or go to the studio site where you will discover a lot more parodies and hentai games to playwith!

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