Don’t Stop

This upcoming animated story is all about relationship. Or more exactly, about how chick should conduct herself to a date... based on her mummy! That's right - mummy will never train her stepdaughter something bad or even give her a incorrect advice. Or will not she? This is only one of those scenarios when sharing experience between generations could be unpredictable because both of these generations are pretty different! What formerly was awful now has become great item and fairly the reverse. There will not be some gameplay scenes or scenarios when you will need to make some difficult choices - that is just a joke narrative animation about customs. However, in case if you're here for blondie with huge tits then you are going to see her - also the cartoon is short and will not take too much of your time! Play now »

Crash Landing Part 2

While the main character in this story was lucky enough to make it through the crash landing, unexpected outcomes have resulted that he not only had a great welcome blowjob by his new love, but he also has sex with an alien species female! Like any other proper sequel, in the next part of the game you'll get the continuation of the storywith more deep exploration of the most important theme... in the words, in this episodeour brave guy continues to be a fucking sexy grilfriend only this timehe will be taking her by the crooks! The rest of the story is identical - use the buttons on the control panel to switch between different actions and positions until you get completely satisfied with all of the options. Enjoy! Play now »

Candy Shop – Hot Ball

The crazy research staff at Chocolate Co not always utilizing already existing desserts due to their expriement and they want to make their own sort of candies... or was they speaking about new kind of Andy? Anyhow, you are likely to see eveything together with your own eyes and if you are hoping from sexual games not only energetic romp scenes, hilarious stories and insane characters but also some surprises afterward now you'll get one - test scenes are going to include 3somes! With whom? Because wesaid this is going to be a surprise you will need to find it out by your self while playing the game! And ofcourse don't leave behind to check our site where you can find other epsiodes of this worshippers beloved interactive series. Now taste ! Play now »

Candy Shop – Candy Corn

Today at Bo-Peep Chocolate there is a really significant meeting. It is not a sceret that Halloween season is among the most candy selling seasons of the year and throughout todays meeting there needs to be made a determination on what new product to deliver on the shelfs in this year. Following some questionable propositions that the idea of candy corn stems up... but as you probably already know you will find very specific individuals work in the Bo-Peep testing industry. And yes, they can turn even the candy corn to nailable hottie! More - you will be the one to check her main qualities! Quite simply - just another one working day in the Chocolate Shop office. New story, new jokes, fresh candy chick to fuck and it is all only as joy as it had been in older episodes of this erotic game collection. Play now »