Horny Canyon: The Encounter

This game will tell you the story of life in an atomic wasteland. The young damsel went in search of food and entered an abandoned car factory. Suddenly, a crazy ghoul strikes her from underneath the door. The gal begins crying. To her happiness, the protagonist of this game has been nearby. Even the dude kills the ghoul having a well-aimed shot in the liver and saves the female. They find food and comeback to the settlement. The gal ought to prize the protagonist. She invites the dude into her room. There, the lady begins to perform heavy dt and rubdown big scrotum. Following that, the protagonist fucks the huge-titted beauty in her pink snatch and chocolate eye, bringing the female to multiple climax. Then he floods her face with hot, sticky jizz. Following that, the protagonist goes to rescue different settlers. Use your mouse and interactive spots to socialize with the game. Let's start our venture right now. Play now »