Fuck Town: Pretty Guest

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A typical weekend in the small town. After a tough week at work, the protagonist decides to take some time off. Then, suddenly, the phone rings. Your sister Emily, who goes by the name Emily calls. What is she looking for? Emily is looking to assist Jane, her girlfriend, come back to her city. Emily requests that you give Emily a space in your home. This is a great deal. You accept the offer and accept it. You would like dentifrice, a towel, and flowers. Move with your mouse to play the game. Shop for groceries and buy the things you want. Everything comes together. Jane enters the room when there is a play at the door. She's a gorgeous woman with massive toes. A protagonist has got to have a fling with her. Along with your facilitate the adult male will have intercourse. Encourage Jane to lure him to get sex with him immediately without delay.

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