Crash Landing Part 2

While the main character in this story was lucky enough to make it through the crash landing, unexpected outcomes have resulted that he not only had a great welcome blowjob by his new love, but he also has sex with an alien species female! Like any other proper sequel, in the next part of the game you'll get the continuation of the storywith more deep exploration of the most important theme... in the words, in this episodeour brave guy continues to be a fucking sexy grilfriend only this timehe will be taking her by the crooks! The rest of the story is identical - use the buttons on the control panel to switch between different actions and positions until you get completely satisfied with all of the options. Enjoy! Play now »

Almost Noble Hero

In this game you will be playing as state dude Luke. Yet elementary life in the village doesn't suit him very far and he's wishes about increased life. Life of a hero slaying vicious creatures and saving noble maidens (or just midens - they don't need to be all nobles). Yet a while that his parent is dying however, tells Luke the truth - actually he was a noble knight lengthy ago! And he even tells where is the key cache of his knightly armor and blades is hidden! When nothing else holds our hero in the village and he's got a starters knight place the fresh fantasy story is all about to start. In terms of the gameplay it is very similar to fantasy rpg games - you also may explore places and see characters, get quest from them or trade inventory items and of course help beautiful maidens that will be blessed to repay our youthful knight with something mor ethan only gold coins! Play now »